Welcome to this months Newsletter.
This month we are focusing on the process of Restructure and its various elements.
Restructures involve many elements and can be quite difficult to get right, the RDC team has the professional knowledge and experience to help you through this process.
We have had such a great response to our complimentary service to review your IEA, that we have decided to extend it through to the end of October. Please email us your Employment documentation today.
If you need assistance with a restructure or any other Employment Relations or HR issue, please email us. We would be happy to assist you.
Enjoy the Newsletter,
The RDC Team.

This Month's Articles

Considering a Restructure: Consult, Consult, Consult

It's important both parties play an active role in the outcome of a business restructure. Read the full article here.


Altering T&C's after a Restructure


Who Should Do the Job?


The 'Lucky Ones' Feeling Down

Employee numbers is not the only change that can happen during a restructure, changing an Employee's Terms and Conditions may occur as well. This can be a tricky to get right. Read here.


There are many considerations when restructuring. Psychometric testing can help answer some of those questions, like who could work from home? Read here.


Although a restructure might be best for various reasons, it can have a negative effect on Employees that are left behind. Read Jana’s article about the ‘lucky ones’. Read here.



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